Institute of Psychology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, p.r.i., requests proposals for supplying the following experimental and research apparatus:

fNIRS scanner for examining real-time blood oxygenation in the brain of human adults, children and infants

Required features

- NIRS recording using 8 emitter and 8 detector optodes

- expandability to 30 or more sensors

- set of at least 3 adults caps, and at least 2 infant-size caps

- possibility of simultaneous EEG recording, electrodes to be fitted in then nirs cap

- infant-friendly optode tips

- user friendly GUI recording and experimental setup SW

- compatibility of datasets with Matlab, and availability of existing toolboxes in Matlab

- user support: personal and online

- easy-to-follow web manuals

Estimated value of the public contract

The estimated value of the public contract is CZK 1 631 000,- including VAT.

The estimated value is set as the maximum permissible and the tender price must not exceed the estimated values of the individual supplies, otherwise such a tender would have to be excluded.

Time limit and place of contract performance

The performance of the public contract will take place from the date of signature of the contract for the performance of the public contract.

The starting time for the performance of the public contract is subject to the proper completion of the tendering procedure and the signing of the relevant contract, provided that the actual period of performance of the public contract is not longer than

The place of performance or delivery of the public contract is the location of the Contracting Authority's workplace at Hybernská 8, Prague 1 - Nové město, Czech Republic.

Deadline and place for submission of bids

The tenderer's bid may be submitted by registered mail or electronically to the address of the Contracting Authority Filip Smolík, head of the Laboratory, Hybernská 8, Praha 1- Nové město, Czech Republic, smolik@praha.psu.cas.cz no later than 12 August 2022 by 10.00 a.m.

Method of evaluation of bids

The evaluation of tenders will take place immediately after the deadline for submission of tenders, at Hybernská 8, Prague 1-Nové město.

The basic evaluation criterion for the award of the public contract is the lowest tender price. The evaluation will be determined by the total sum of the tender price in CZK including VAT, with a weighting of 100%.

The tender price must be final, i.e. it must include all the tasks related to the proper execution of the public contract, i.e., among other things, taking into account the scope of work performed by the relevant technician and all the costs related to the proper execution of the subject of performance.

The contracting authority reserves the right to verify and check the information given by the individual tenderers in their tenders. The contracting authority shall exclude a tenderer from the tendering procedure if the tenderer provides false information in its tender.

Tenders submitted after the deadline and incomplete tenders will be excluded from the tender.

As this is a small-scale public contract, which is not subject to the procedures laid down by law, the contracting authority does not allow the presence of the tenderers' representatives at the tender evaluation.

Cancellation of the tendering procedure

The contracting authority reserves the right to cancel the tender.


By submitting a bid, the tenderer acknowledges that the contracting authority will publish the relevant documents in accordance with the requirements of the law after the contract has been concluded with the tenderer who submitted the most advantageous tender or after the tendering procedure has been cancelled.

Please send the bids electronically using the “Tender bid cover sheet” to the following address:

Filip Smolík, head of the Laboratory


Hybernská 8, Praha 1-Nové město, Czech Republic

Tel. +420221403907