Psychology of personality

About the Personality of psychology research section

The scientific study of personality introduces systematic drive to describe and understand the patterns in cognition, perception and behaviour of people in their everyday life. Current psychological research of personality concentrates not only on individual subsystems of personality (temperament, self-concept, motivation) but also on their relationships in the context of personal dynamics and structure. The goal of the research is to understand the functioning of personality as an integrated whole grounded in wide variety of social contexts.

The research programme of the department is oriented toward traditional topics of personality psychology (personality structure and its stability, self-concept, motivation, lifelong development of individual), while it also reflects new trends in personality research and new approaches to traditional topics (spirituality as a sixth factor of personality, motivational paradigm in personality approach, personality coherence). The research also considers specificity of national context (post-totalitarian symptoms) and wide socio-political connections (psychological predispositions for democracy).

The research topics and with it the related specific projects are chosen with regards to their importance in a world context, tradition of the institute and personal interests of researchers. The individual topics are interconnected and several of them are solved in cooperation with other departments of the institute (such as well-being, coping with stress). The results of the research also have practical use, such as in the field of improving the quality of life or prevention of risk behaviour of adolescence.

Our members

Senior researchers

Prof. PhDr. Marek Blatný, CSc.
Doc. PhDr. František Baumgartner, CSc.
PhDr. Martina Hřebíčková, Dr.
Mgr. Pavlína Janošová, PhD.
PhDr. Martina Klicperová-Baker, CSc.
Doc. PhDr. Pavel Říčan, CSc.


Mgr. Terezie Osecká

Ph.D. students

Mgr. Lucie Chvístková
Mgr. Irena Vlčková

Research profile and projects

Personality structure

  • Spirituality as a personality substructure („sixth“ factor of personality)
  • Developmental trends and gender differences in dimensions of 5-factor structure of personality


Identity, Self-concept

  • Modes of organisation of personal experience – narrative socio-cognitive approach
  • Spiritual basis of moral integrity of personality


Stability and changes of personality, lifelong development of individual

  • Normative vs. non-specific (with individual cause) changes of personality in lifelong perspective
  • Maturing and maturity of personality


Social contexts of formation and development of personality

  • Civic ethos („civility“) as a moral aspect of democratic personality
  • Analysis of personality characteristics of citizens of Czech republic (national character)

New projects(since 2005)


  • critical evaluation of current theories, adaptation of methods, preparation of empirical studies

Personality coherence

  • critical analysis of the construct, psychological conceptualisation and operationalisation for research, suggestions for research projects


Common projects with other departments

with Department of health psychology

  • Well-being
  • Coping
  • Risk factors of development in adolescence

with Department of cognitive psychology

  • Cognition
  • Processing of information

with Department of methodology

  • Narrative approach in psychology
  • Adaptation and creation of methods