Mgr. Kateřina Machovcová, Ph.D.

Mgr. Kateřina Machovcová, Ph.D.

Institute of Psychology
The Czech Academy of Sciences 
Hybernská 8
Praha 1, 110 00

Tel.: (+420) 221 403 909



Current research interests

  • Working environment in academia
  • Workplace diversity, work-life balance, intersectional approach
  • Support to early career researchers – mentoring
  • Qualitative research


  • 2005 – 2010   Ph.D. in Social Psychology, Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
  • 1998 – 2005   MA in Psychology, Faculty of Social Studies, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Czech Republic


  • 2014 - present Researcher Institute of Psychology CAS, Department of Methodology, Organizational Studies in Higher Education (OSHE) team
  • 2015 - present Researcher, lecturer, Faculty of Education, Charles University
  • 2009 - present Senior lecturer UJOP UK - CIEE

Research grants - cooperation

  • 2020 - 2022 Excellent research between an individual, institution, and discourse: Collaborative construction of research productivity at research institutions. The Czech Science Foundation Grant (PI dr. Kateřina Zábrodská)
  • 2017 - 2019 Developing academic excellence: A systemic approach to high achievement in early career academics. The Czech Science Foundation Grant (PI doc. Jiří Mudrák)
  • 2014 - 2016 Quality of Work Environment and Employee Well-Being in Public Higher Education (principal investigator). The Czech Science Foundation Grant (PI dr. Kateřina Zábrodská)

International fellowships

  • 1/2017 Department of Sociology, School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Graz University, prof. L. Oates-Indruchová – Sociology of Gender Chair (Program Aktion, Charles Uni)          
  • 1/2016 Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norsko. Supervize: prof. Agnes Andenæs (EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism Funds, Charles Uni)
  • 2008/9 Danish University of Education – Aarhus Uni, Kodaň, Dánsko. Supervize: prof. Dorte Staunaes (5 months, Danish Governmental Award, Masaryk Uni)
  • 2007 Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norsko. Supervize: Dr. Agnes Andenæs. (4 měsíce, EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism Funds, Masaryk Uni)
  • 2004 Utrecht University (4 months, SOCRATES/ERASMUS, Masaryk Uni)

Recent publicatins in English - selection

Chapter in monography

  • Zábrodská, K. Mudrák, J., Květon, P., Machovcová, K., Blatný, M., & Šolcová, I. (2017, ebook). Satisfied but not equal: Working conditions of women and men faculty in Czech universities. In Vohlídalová, M., Linková, M. (Eds.), Gender and neoliberalism in Czech academia. Praha: SLON.

Journals with impact factor

  • Machovcová, K., Mudrák, J. Cidlinská, K., Zábrodská, K. (2022). Early career researchers as active followers: perceived demands of supervisory intervention in academic workplaces. Higher Education Research & Development, online first:

  • Cidlinská, K., Nyklová, B., Machovcová, K., Mudrák, J., Zábrodská, K. (2022). “Why I don’t want to be an academic anymore?” When academic identity contributes to academic career attrition. Higher Education, online first:

  • Mudrák, J., Zábrodská, K., Machovcová, K., Cidlinská, K., Takács, L. (2021).  Competing values at public universities: Organizational cultures and job demands-resources in academic departments. Higher Education Quarterly, 76(1), 153-173

  • Mudrák, J., Zábrodská, K., & Machovcová, K. (2020). A self-determined profession? Perceived work conditions and the satisfaction paradox among Czech Academic Faculty. Sociologicky Casopis, 56(3), 387-418.

  • Mudrak, J., Zabrodska, K., & Machovcová, K. (2020). Psychological constructions of learning potential and a systemic approach to the development of excellence. High Ability Studies, 31(2), 181-212.

  • Machovcová, K., Zábrodská, K., & Mudrák, J. (2019). Department heads negotiating emerging managerialism: The Central Eastern European context. Educational Management Administration & Leadership47(5), 712-729.

  • Mudrák, J., Zábrodská, K., Machovcová, K. (2019). Kumulace výhod nebo utváření práce? Organizační a psychologické podmínky rozvoje výzkumné excellence u výzkumníků na začátku kariéry [Cumulative advantage or job crafting? Organizational and psychological conditions of the development of research excellence in early career researchers]. Československá psychologie 64(4): 445-465.

  • Blatný, M., Šolcová, I., Květon, P., Jelínek, M., Zábrodská, K., Mudrák, J., Machovcová, K. (2018). The influence of personality traits on life satisfaction through work engagement and job satisfaction among academic faculty members. Studia Psychologica 60(4): 274 – 286.

  • Machovcová, K., Zábrodská, K. Mudrák, J. (2018). Department heads negotiating emerging managerialism. Educational Management Administration & Leadership. First published 28 January 2018.

  • Mudrák, J., Zábrodská, K., Květon, P., Jelínek, M., Blatný, M., Šolcová, I., Machovcová, K., Occupational well-being among university faculty: A job demands-resources model. Research in higher education. 59/3/2017.

  • Zábrodská, K., Mudrák, J. Šolcová, I., Květon, P., Blatný, M. Machovcová, K. Burnout among university faculty: the central role of work-family conflict. Educational psychology, 38(6) 2017.

  • Zábrodská, K. Mudrák, J., Květon, P., Machovcová, K., Blatný, M., & Šolcová, I. (2016). Keeping marketization at bay: The quality of academic worklife in Czech universities. Czech Sociological Review, 3.

  • Zábrodská, K., Mudrák, J., Květon, P., Blatný, M., Machovcová, K., & Šolcová, I. (2014). Work environment and well-being of academic faculty in Czech universities: A pilot study. Studia Paedagogica, 19(4), 121-144.  

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